This season of the year is very crucial in the life of every man;as the year is going to an end.This is because by now every business minded and goal oriented person should be able to sit down and appraise his life in the course of the last twelve months.At the end of such assessment he should arrive at  a conclusion regarding his performance  in the year 2016 whether he has attained certain level of success in the course of the year or otherwise,This is necessary in order for better performance in the new year.

To you the reader of this post you may have discovered you  performed below expectation and as a result you see yourself as a failure  in the outgoing year.You should understand this is not the end of your life and see the coming year as a year of Total Change .instead of continual failure.

Therefore, you should consider the following five secrets for you to turn every area of failure in your life to success in 2017:

SEE YOUR FAILURES AS TEMPORARY:Failure in the life of any man is not permanent,except you make it so.As failure has come your way so also it will go.Failure is a way of learning better approach to  issues of life.There is no man that has ever attained great heights in life who has never failed before.Successful men of today were products of yesterday failure because they were able to turn their failure to success at long run.They refused to accept failure as the ultimate.

EMBRACE  NEW APPROACH:You can change your approaches to success until there is positive result.Do not continue to do the same thing the same way.Be attracted to better  steps of actions for successful results.You do not   need to be doing one thing the same way all the time.Otherwise, you will continue to get the same result.Therefore,.imbibe a new approach for a better.and resultful year.

DO NOT REJECT YOURSELF:Do not cast yourself down as a result of setbacks that you have in the course of the year.Do not give up on yourself and you should not pity yourself.in case you have experienced failure today.  Try again,.you will definitely succeed tomorrow.Make sure that you shun self rejection otherwise every step taken by you may be jeopardized because you are already defeated within yourself.

DO NOT SIT ON YOUR FAILURES:Achievers  never  sit on their failures.but instead they rise from it.Make success out of whatever disappointment you may have encountered.Do not allow such failures to discourage you from moving forward  but rather look forward to a progressive future.See 2017 as a year of rising out of your failures.

For though a righteous man falls seven times,he rises again.Proverbs 24;16

CONCENTRATE OR FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTH:Focus on what you know how to do best otherwise you will never make success out of your failure.There is a particular area of your life where you have comparative advantage over others.Discover it  and utilize the potential God has embedded in you  for your advancement in the new year..

MAKE GOD YOUR PRIORITY:Make God your number one mentor in the year 2017.Allow Him to guide,direct and lead you in all your undertakings.Develop a deep relationship with Him so that God in turn could reward your efforts and faithfulness.In your daily engagements make sure you identify with Him.

Get yourself aqcuinted to the above secrets and your life will not remain the same as you will ultimatly have a success story to share

Wishing you the married and singles a Prosperous New Year in the name of Jesus(Amen)

John Igbasanmi

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