Revealed- 6 Secrets You Should Not Marry Out Of Pity

Marriage as an institution established by God was designed to be enjoyed by the couple in their life time.But in most cases it has been discovered this is not so.This is as a result of some various factors of which I would like to discuss a particular one among them in this post which is Marrying Out Of Pity.God constituted marriage purposely because of three principal reasons:to serve as help meet,for sexual intimacy and procreation.Many homes are not enjoy these vital divine benefits for man today as a result of many homes entering into marriage out of pity.

Many singles marry out of pity because of various reasons that I will be discussing here:

FINANCIAL OBLIGATION:Due to financial challenges often facing some singles ,whoever  render  financial assistance to alleviate such problems becomes a target.If the man should  propose   marriage the lady sees the man as the rightful soul mate.For instance,there are cases when a man sponsors a young lady to school and after graduating the lady thinks the best way to compensate the man is to marry him because of the money the man has spent on her without considering either he is the right person or not.

LONG COURTSHIP:At times a man or lady may involve in financial commitment by spending on the other party during courtship.If there is any reason that makes it   so glaring that the relationship if leads to marriage will not last.One of the two or both of them begin to pity one another and would not want to  quit  the relationship.They would begin to consider the time they have invested   into such relationship which to them will only amount to a waste of time and  financial loss.

DISAPPOINTMENT/JILTING:There is a saying that a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage.This has been disapproved in some quarters because of the level of pitying the two parties in such relationship are having towards each other. In a relationship where it is discovered that the parties are not compatible and the best solution while they are sill in courtship is to break their courtship they remain adamant and prefer to go into marriage.The reason being that they do not want to sacrifice the relationship for future peace rather they prefer pitying themselves and will not want to disappoint or jilt each other.

EMBARRASSMENT:As a result of the embarrassment of what people(pastors,parents,relatives,friends,etc) will say if a relationship or courtship is broken some singles prefer to continue such relationship which will eventually lead to marriage in order to hide their faces from embarrassment.This will ultimately cause them to marry out of pity.

MATERIAL/FINANCIAL LOSS:The Bible says what shall it profit a man having gain the whole world and loses his soul.When a male and a female are in a relationship  which  is glaring to them that such relationship will not withstand the test of time.Such will eventually  lead to crises, separation or divorce; but due to the material or financial gains they will derive because of their careers or wealthy parents  they still go into marriage.Reversely,when they think of what they will loose materially or financially if they fail to marry as husband and wife they  pity themselves and therefore, choose the offer of marriage.

OLD AGE:When a male or female discovers that age is no more on his or her side due to circumstances that bring about marital delay. He / she wants to make sure he / she does all things possible to make his/her wedding hold.This is in a situation when the man is probably in his late forties and the  woman is in her early forties.Due to the old age factor they may want to likely be overlooking many things that are very vital in their marriage.For instance they may want to rush their wedding in order to prevent any form of occurrence that could lead to the break of such relationship.The fact that each or both of them may be pitying themselves would cause them not to take cognizance of vital issues which will later affect their home negatively after their marriage..

Dear single,remember the law of Sowing and Reaping, God cannot be deceived whatever a man sow,that shall he surely also reap.Many couples who claimed in the beginning that they were convinced of their relationship which eventually led to marriage are today lamenting.This is because such homes are either in crises,about broken or already broken.I want to warn you seriously not to marry out of pity.The outcome of such is always disastrous.

I am your relationship coach,

John Igbasanmi.

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