To all former and intending members of Singles Alert Network I say hello to you.

Although   you have not been gotten my posts for sometimes now.This has been as a result of some logistic reasons beyond my control.We shall be having a nice time together from now.

Henceforth,I will be digressing from my series on the Other-Side of Marriage to other relationship issues which will ultimately  help you  and in some occasions the married too.

This very post as indicated from the topic is primarily dedicated to the EXPECTANT SINGLES who are believing God for their soul mates or partners this year.I pray  those of you that fall into that category, that your expectation shall not be cut short in the name of Jesus.

In the book of Genesis  the scriptures says Then God remembered Rachel and answered her pleading  and made it possible for her to have children.Genesis 30:22

That same GOD in the  remaining days to the end of this year will remember you.Do not loose hope or be wearied as this is your year.

Are you wondering how could that happen this year?I am not moved by your thinking but by the word of God that says to God all things are possible;which include your getting engaged or married this year.

Even though you may have been tarrying in tears for years regarding the man or woman God have for your life.The word of God says tears may tarry till night but joy cometh in the morning.Your morning of joy is this year in Jesus name (Amen)

The event that will cause the two of you to meet before the end of the year I decree it into manifestation and your meeting point declared open in the name of Jesus.Remember again!This is your year. 

Moreover,for those of you already into courtship and whose relationship is ordained by GOD and you are trusting Him for your wedding/marriage this year.I pray your courtship will not break.You will reach your promise land in Jesus.name(amen)

i remain yours,

John Igbasanmi

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