THE OTHER-SIDE OF MARRIAGE: Mixed Reactions as a Female Lawyer, Yewande Oyediran Murdered Her Husband.

Social Media has been flooded with various reactions on who to blame since the news of how an Ibadan lawyer, Yewande Oyediran,allegedly brutally stabbed her husband,38-year-old Lowo Oyediran Ajanaku with a knife on the neck which later resulted in his death on Tuesday,2nd day of February 2016.

According to the elder brother to Lowo Oyediran,Mr Adewale Adelani Oyediran the couple wedded on 8 February and 9 February,2013.They were married for about three years,but Lowo had a girlfriend in France and along the line,she got pregnant for him and bore him a male child about a year ago.But, Lowos wife stumbled on that information and that was the genesis of the crisis.Since then,there had been angry disputes between them

In his reaction,the landlord did not mince words in his statement that it was Yewande that slaughtered her husband.He disclosed that in her first attempt to kill Lowo, she only succeeded in stabbing him in the armpit and on the back. He was rushed to the hospital. After he was treated, they went back home and the landlord tried to settle their dispute. They did not go to bed until about 3:00 in the morning.The landlord said he even advised Lowo to sleep in his apartment but he said there was no need for that since the quarrel has been settled.The landlord said some minutes past 6:00 a.m., there was a cry for help from Lowos flat and people rushed out only to find that he had been stabbed, again,in the neck by his wife when he was sleeping.Lowo managed to take a few steps afterward and slumped just as he got outside.

The wife had previously boasted to the woman that took her husband to the hospital after the first attack that what she did was just a tip of the iceberg

When reacting,Bunmi Oyediran,sister-in-law to Yewande said I helped her marry him,now she  has killed him.

The Lord God said,it is not good for the man to be alone,I will make a helper suitable for him (Genesis 2:18)NIV

To you single or the married reading this post,when a woman that ought to be helpmet turns a murderer;its a great lesson.Couples whose marriages were not laid on the solid foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ should surrender their homes to the Lord Jesus Christ by accepting Him as their Lord and Saviour and shun all forms of evil so that the Devil will not visit such homes.For the sincere Christians lets be sober,steadfast,prayerful and  vigilant. towards our marriages less will become victims to THE OTHER-SIDE OF MARRIAGE.

To my dear single,why cant you be wise and learn from the above case.Sense knowledge in most cases would disapoint and lead to frustration.Allow God to direct and guide your steps!May your marriage not end in sorrow.

Saturday Tribune, 6 February,2016

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