THE OTHER SIDE OF MARRIAGE: My Greatest Mistake in Life is that I Married Him – Wife, She Starved Me of Sex for One and Half Years – Husband

In one of my previous posts I made singles realized that one of the greatest evil or harm a brother or sister could do to himself or herself is not to be serious about the type of family or home he desires in life as early as possible.

Since a man reaps what he sows.Galatians 6:7(NIV). It then implies that as you lay your bed when it comes to the case of choice of partner so you will lie on it.Then, my dear single just make sure you are sincere when making the choice of life partner by inviting GOD into it.

In the current post of The Other-Side Of Marriage I want you to read through,meditate and learn from the story of this family as a wise single:

My husband rapes and constantly beats me,a house wife has told an Orile-Agege customary court in Lagos State Nigeria and prayed for her 10-year-old marriage to be dissolved.

The petitioner,Mrs Temitope Salaudeen,32,a trader,who resides at 2,C A C Street,Agege,a suburb of Lagos,pleaded with the court to dissolve her marriage over alleged rape,battery and threats to her life.

She told the court that her husband,Alilu Saludeen,is a wife beater and treats her like a slave.My husband rapes me anytime he feels like having sex and does not care about my feelings or my emotions.He sold some of my jewellery without my consent and steals my money at will, she added.

Temitope said that the greatest mistake she made in life was getting married to her husband,Alilu Salaudeen.I ran away from the house sometime in November 2015 with my children if i continued living with him,he might beat me to death one day,she said.

The mother of two pleaded with the court to dissolve the union and grant her custody of her children.

However,her husband,Alilu,39,a building contractor, denied all the allegations.I have never beaten her before,she starved me of sex for one and half years despite the fact that we were living in the same house.She hides her phone from me and I did no sell her jewellery neither did I steal her money, he said.

He told the court that he was still in love with his wife and not ready for the dissolution of the marriage.

President of the court,Dr Kayode Whenu, told the couple to maintain the peace and adjourned the case.for further hearing.

The scripure says he who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord Proverbs 18:22

Therefore,for you to enjoy a peaceful home in  future, pray for Gods divine favor to see you through for the right person for your marital life.Do not be wise in your own eyes.

Saturday Tribune,20 February,2016

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John Igbasanmi

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One thought on “THE OTHER SIDE OF MARRIAGE: My Greatest Mistake in Life is that I Married Him – Wife, She Starved Me of Sex for One and Half Years – Husband

  1. Greetings to every single and married out there, I pray we have the courage and understanding to overcome the daily challenge thereof.
    During courtship, you never can tell the innermost character of your partner because from what I have seen and come to understand, there is no pressure during courtship. During counseling too they never can tell you the likely occurrences because its vast and the in variability of our character and how to manage challenges.
    Marriage is a vast institution of life between 2 different people and there day to day challenges, meaning it is an on-going processes of learning. My own case is worst and am dealing with it my own way, what I will say is don’t die to save your marriage cause if you die your partner lives on with another…….?

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