Turning Your Failure To Success in 2020

  1. First and foremost I want to wish you happy  new year.It’s no more news to you that another year has just gone in the history of your life.

It does not matter the situation of life around you in the just concluded year.Probably the fear of unknown in the new year is almost swallowing you up.This post is really meant for you.

In the journey of life every man fails to succeed.Failure is a stepping stone to new adventures in the life of a man.That is why the scripture says even though the righteous fall seven times,he will rise again.

I don’t know your present life challenge(s) which represents your failure.Do not forget I earlier on said that failure is a stepping stone.It means it’s part of life and you cannot run away from it.It’s bound to come your way.

You should realize this fact that failure is a path to your success. That’s is the reason you should not run from it but rather stand your ground and face it(embrace it) till it turns success through proactive actions that will eventually take you to your glorious destination in the course of the year.

When you hate failure you hate success. Do I sound strange?I guessed your answer is Yes! No wonder the word of God says count it all joy when you are passing through diverse temptations or trials.

Your ability by God’s grace to have the insight that something good will emerge from such a predicament is a function of your seeing success as a product of failure.

Therefore, that horrible situation(s)you are passing through there is a success hidden in it.Keep on digging it.As a man thinks in his heart,so shall it be.

Areas of failures in your life today are meant for success tomorrow.Rise up,be hopeful and Take Action.You will get there!

Pastor John Igbasanmi

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