What Most Singles Dont Know about Matchmaking

What is Matchmaking or Arranged Marriage?It is the process of matching two people(male and female)together,usually for the purpose of marriage.


There are various channels or sources that are involved in the process of matchmaking, which are referred to as types of matchmaking.These are about five namely:traditional/cultural,media,online/internet,friendship and relative matchmaking

1.Traditional/Cultural/Parental Matchmaking:This is a situation whereby people of a particular cultural setting belief that it is only the parents that could make the choice of life partner to  their son or daughter.The implication of this is that whereby such son or daughter is not even satisfied with the choice of the parents, he or she has to abide by the  decision of the parents even when not contented with such decision.Otherwise,such child would be seen as a bastard for negating the tradition.

2.Media Matchmaking:This comprise of printing(newspaper/magazine),electronic(radio/TV) and telephone. Advertisements are placed while prospective candidates for wedding apply.Sometimes it is through a particular radio or TV program with the aid of telephone.

3,Online/Internet Matchmaking:The advent of the social media(face book,twitter,blog,etc) via  the internet has made matchmaking more popular as some have even decided to  make it their profession by linking intending spouses together through these social media channels.

4.Friendship Matchmaking:This is when a friend decides to find a spouse for his/her friend..At times it is based on their    agreement and sometimes the friend does it out of pity as he/she could not just be watching such a deer friend to him/her without a husband/wife

5.Relative Matchmaking:When a relative perceives his brother,sister,uncle or cousin is matured enough to get married. Such relative because of the love he/she has towards the person begins to search on behalf .of his uncle/sister for a suitor. When he/she finds one they formerlised such relationship which eventually leads to marriage.

People that involve in the service of matchmaking  are called matchmakers.This is because they take it as a profession.Although there are those who do not take it as profession but sometimes matchmaking as situation demands it.The concept has been in practice for a long time in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Matchmaking by Gods standard is not an ideal practice.This is  as a result of several dangers inherent in it.After the creation of man,it was God Himself who constituted marriage by providing a wife(Eve) for Adam.In the book of Genesis 2 verse 18 Then,the Lord God said it is not good for the man to be alone.I will make a helper who is just right for  him.We could see in the light of this scripture that it was God Himself that provided wife for Adam. Psalm 32 verse 8  states that I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.Therefore, we should always accord GOD the recognition when it comes to the choice of life partner so that He will  lead and guide us into it.

Do not allow matchmakers to take the position of God when choosing life partner. This is because marriage is your life and  also a life contract .Beware!

Proverbs 14 verse 12 states that There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death or destruction.

In the subsequent postings we shall be looking at the causes and dangers inherent in MATCHMAKING.

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I am yours in Gods love,

John Igbasanmi


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