Your Marriage Is Your Life: How to Find Your Rightful Partner

Dear Single, have you ever thought of the effect and impact of marriage in your life? Did you ever believe that marriage is a tool that could add spice into your life? What do you, or did you think of marriage, and being married? Did you ever think that marriage is your life? This is because marriage is a journey of life.

Whatever happens to your marriage goes a long way to determine how you would end your journey in life, hence your marriage is your life.

No matter how successful you are as a professional: clergyman, doctor, lawyer, teacher, engineer or technician etc; when you don’t have a happy home, you are a complete failure.

This indicates you are not a fulfilled person in life – something is missing in your life.

A lot of husbands and wives who are successful in other areas of life today, are seriously groaning silently in their marriages. This is because it is a journey of life which they have missed by marrying the wrong person. Getting a wrong partner or getting involved in a bad marriage is the worst thing that could befall or young man or woman, because nothing can be more wonderful and fulfilling like a happy home.

Marriage as a journey of life is a strong determinant of the future of a young boy or girl whether he would live a fulfilled life or not.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of single people are still single even when everyone expects them to be married, and have you also wondered why most loving-looking marriages never saw the light of the day?  Why are some married women and men fighting to get out of marriage? A union ordained and blessed by God.

Therefore it is not a journey any youth should be over anxious to embark on, rather the approach should be slow and steady which wins the race.

In order not to fall prey to marital trap of “had I known” this definitive guide book is blue print.

That’s the reason I’m introducing this step by step guide to “Finding Your Rightful Life Partner” to you.

Single Alert Series – How to find your rightful partner

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